The sun was shining and Nancy woke up ready to tackle the day. Specifically the huge presentation she had that morning at work. She has worked hard to earn this opportunity to advance in her career and has prepared for weeks. As she woke up she felt some itchiness in…

New city, new lights

New feeling, new frights

As I try to settle in this new life

I find myself wondering

Am I ready for this fight?

Am I ready to run free

To be tested and seen

I am proud of all I have done

But doubt my strength for whats to come

Taking this move, day by day

I search within me the will to stay

I know I can do this

I know I can make it

I just need to convince myself, I am ready to take it

So here goes nothing, cheers to these sights

I know it will work, so I roll the dice

Surrounded by people

Always surrounded by people

No matter where she went, she was never alone

Family, friends, co-workers, always near

Although she was grateful, its funny how it changes

The feeling of never being alone was wanted

The feeling of being alone was accomplished

In a new country, don’t speak the language

Its funny how it changes

Surrounded by unfamiliar sights, smells, and people

This new feeling of being alone was hard to grasp

Suddenly she missed her family, friends, and even her co-workers

It’s funny how it changes…


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